Live Transfer process

The Live Transfer Process

The Live Transfer Process

Our goal when speaking with your leads is always to make a live transfer. We believe that is the single most valuable individual action we can provide for you. 
With that being said, let's dive into some depth about how the live transfer process works.

If we speak to your lead and they are truly interested with speaking with you right there on the phone, our ISAs follow this process to make a Live Transfer. The ISA will politely ask for the lead to hold the line so we can get a hold of you.
  1. We call you, and say something to the effect of "we have a lead for you, do you have a couple minutes to take it?"
  2. We merge all 3 parties together on the call.
  3. Our ISA introduces you to the lead and recaps the conversation briefly so everyone's up to speed.
  4. Our ISA politely exits the call so you and the lead can speak privately.
  5. You receive an SMS with the lead information and call notes.

What information do we collect and send to you for Live Transfers?

We collect the following information for every Live Transfer:
  1. Lead name, email, phone number
  2. Detailed call notes
  3. Agent Rating
  4. Reason for rating
  5. Whether the transfer connected successfully or not
  6. Person(s) called for the live transfer

Live Transfer notifications

After our ISAs attempt a live transfer (whether it was completed successfully or not), both the primary client on the account seat and the live transfer backup will receive a notification. In addition, marketing agency / consultants using our service on behalf of a client will also receive notifications.

Here is an example of what the notification will looks like:

Below is what the email notifications look like.

All email notifications will come from Jamie Johnson with the email address of We recommend you make this email as "safe" from email spam to ensure you get all email notifications. 

Call Report

This information will also be populated in your call report so you can reference later. This is an example of what a live transfer will look like on your call report.

You can scroll to the left and right in the report to see all the lead info. In addition, hitting space bar will open up a pop up window on all the lead info for easy viewing. 
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