How to manage groups in Jusnote

How to manage groups

A group is a team of two or more users that can be united to share specific matters or contacts.

Please note that the Group is not identical to the Practice and was created to control access to confidential information of a specific matter or contact.

The administrator carries out group management (creating, deleting, changing the name) as well as edit, delete, or manage users. 

Please note:
  1. The group "Everyone" is created by default, which is system-wide and closed to all users and administrators.
  2. If you don't select a specific Group when inviting Users to the system, determining access to a matter or contact, or in other places of Jusnote, the system Group "Everyone" will be used by default.
To work with the Group, the Administrator must go to the "Settings" section in the left sidebar and then tap on the "Groups".

After entering "Groups," the system will show all available groups, the number of users in them, and a list of all active users in the system.

After clicking on the "Create group" button, the system will open the special pop-up window.

Please note: You can't create a group with only one user ( "Me").

If you need to change the group name, exclude users from it, or delete the whole group, you need to open the same pop-up window by tapping on the selected group. 

Please note:

  1. You can't delete the Group while it has active users;
  2. All system administrators can manage and delete groups;

Read more about how to manage legal activities in Jusnote. 

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