How to customize tables in Jusnote

How to customize tables in Jusnote

Jusnote gives you the ability to customize the appearance of tables at your own discretion.
The customization is available in Contacts, Matters, Tasks and Events, Activities, Documents, Correspondence, Invoices, and Accounts sections. 

Adding columns

To add the new column to the table, ta on the Edit button on the upper right corner. This button is located on every table in all sections of the system. 

In the opened drop-down menu, select columns that you want to add the to table. You can turn off columns you don't use/need in the same way. Just tap on the checkbox near the column name.

After defining the needed columns and selecting them, tap on the Save button to confirm the changing of the table's layout of the table You can tap on the Cancel button as well as to reset all the selected columns. In this case, the system will retain the layout of the table that was before. 
You can set up the appearance of tables only one time and Jusnote will make it as default. You don't need to customize the table each time you're using the system.

Changing the order of columns

Jusnote allows changing the order of columns by simply dragging the columns in the drop-down menu. So tap and hold on the column name and drag it in the new position. 

Set each column in the necessary place and tap on the Save button. The system will update the table and will show the new layout. 

Increasing the width of the columns

After adding new columns, the system may automatically decrease their width to show all the added ones. So we recommend you to increase the width of each column by yourself.
Below the table, you will see the scroll using which you can swipe the table to the left or right.

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