Node configuration using the

            The configuration of your Ardor and Nxt nodes is configured using properties set in the file.
            The file is a text file which can be created using any text editor (notepad on Windows and vi on Linux and Mac will do)
            Create or update the file in the conf directory under the user directory

            For example, to open API access to your node from remote client, add the following lines to
            Every change to properties will only take effect after you restart your node.

            You can use the file from the conf directory of the Ardor or Nxt installation as reference to see the existing properties and their documentation.
            Never modify the file since your modifications will be overwritten by any upgrade to a new version.
            Another configuration file you should never modify is under the user directory conf directory. This file stores the configuration selected during the installation.
            Any setting set in will override settings in and

            For advanced users:
            The location from which the property files are loaded can be customized using a Java command line argument named according to the property file name.
            For example:
            java ... ...
            Will tell the Ardor or Nxt node to load the file from the ./conf/examples/ folder.

            Updated: 11 Jan 2018 11:14 AM
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