Exchange IGNIS to ARDR transaction returns "not enough funds"

            Coin exchange transactions from any child chain to the Ardor parent chain are recorded on the parent chain since it affect the ARDR balances and therefore pay fee in ARDR.
            Therefore exchanging IGNIS to ARDR using the coin exchange is impossible unless you already have ARDR to pay for the transaction fee.

            As a temporary solution to enable users to exchange child chain coins to Ardor even if they do not already own ARDR, Jelurida has setup a faucet account ARDOR-VEUQ-JZN2-22T9-4QKWV
            Send 10 IGNIS to this account to receive back 4 ARDR
            Send 2 AEUR to receive 4 ARDR

            * Might be updated in case exchange rates change significantly
            ** Exchanges will be performed within 24 hours
            *** Don't send any other amounts or tokens to this account

            Updated: 20 Feb 2018 03:25 PM
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