Am I on the 2.0.9 fork?

            Go to the Ardor wallet, Blocks page (Settings --> Blocks)
            If you see block around height 5065 (with id 17160435041199607270) or a little higher and you see Base Target in the Blocks page (Settings --> Blocks) above 2000% your are on a fork.
            On the contrary, if you see block 6499 with id 1552109095974065246 you are not on the fork and you do not need to do anything.

            What you should do if you are on a fork is (if you are not on a fork then you are all set):
            1. Shutdown your node
            2. Make sure port 27874 is open for outgoing connections (if you don't know how never mind)

            The simplest option to sync with the network is:
            1. Delete your existing blockchain folder, the nxt_db folder from the User directories per product and platform
            2. Download a copy of the blockchain from

            Updated: 05 Jan 2018 03:06 PM
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