Is Click free?

Is Click free?

Yes, Click comes with every Hello Demo account. However, the paid version gives you access to more features such as extra storage and a full stats panel.

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    • How can I receive music through my Click?

      That’s the easy part; anyone can drag and drop a track on your Click and you’ll receive it right in your Music Inbox. The sender must be registered or consequently register through the drag & drop process, it’s free.
    • What is Click?

      Every registered user gets a short link that works as a public profile. This profile page is what we call Click, a promotional link page with audio drop capabilities in which you can promote any sort of content in the form of links and receive music ...
    • Set up your Click

      Once you’ve registered, go to the Click editor at the bottom left corner of your Inbox in desktop. To access via app, click on your profile picture in mobile: From the editor you can: Choose the background. We give you 3 options to choose from: ...
    • Where can I use Click?

      Click works on any platform. Simply refer people to your unique short link ( so they can access to your promotional content.  On Instagram copy and paste your Click url in your profile. No more changing your link with every new ...
    • What kind of content can I promote in Click?

      Click allows any link from any platform.