Is Click free?

Is Click free?

Yes, Click comes with every Hello Demo account. However, the paid version gives you access to more features such as extra storage and a full stats panel.

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    • How can I receive music through my Click?

      That’s the easy part; anyone can drag and drop a track on your Click and you’ll receive it right in your Music Inbox. The sender must be registered or consequently register through the drag & drop process, it’s free.
    • What is Click?

      Every registered user gets a short link that works as a public profile. This profile page is what we call Click, a promotional link page with audio drop capabilities in which you can promote any sort of content in the form of links and receive music ...
    • Set up your Click

      Once you’ve registered, go to the Click editor at the bottom left corner of your Inbox as shown in the picture. From the editor you can: Choose the background. We give you 3 options to choose from: Default design. A mosaic created from all your ...
    • Where can I use Click?

      Click works on any platform. Simply refer people to your unique short link ( so they can access to your promotional content.  On Instagram copy and paste your Click url in your profile. No more changing your link with every new ...
    • What kind of content can I promote in Click?

      Click allows any link from any platform.