How many tracks can I send with a "Share"?

How many tracks can I send with a "Share"?

You can send up to 3 tracks in one package using a single share. To do so, simply upload your tracks as a package of 3 from the Upload section at the top right of your screen.
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    • Can I share my tracks with someone outside of Hello Demo?

      Yes, of course. Thanks to our non-expiring Track Links, you can share your tracks with anybody outside of the platform. Simply copy the track's link from both the platform and the apps and share it wherever you want. 
    • What is a "Share"?

      "Shares" is the currency used to send music to artists whom you are not friends with as well as to labels. Free Accounts receive 1 "share" and Artist Accounts receive 5. 
    • How many friends can I send my music to?

      Sending music to your friends is unlimited. Simply, follow each other in the platform. Watch video When two users follow each other, they are considered friends and automatically become part of each other's network so they can exchange messages and ...
    • I can’t send more music, I have 0 shares

      Even if you run out of shares, you still have plenty of options how to send your music. Every track you upload is assigned a playable link to share with whomever you want, with the best sound quality, and with no expiration.  Also, remember that you ...
    • Can I make public tracks from my Uploads using Click?

      Absolutely. We created Hello Demo specifically for this reason, so not only you could send your music to other users or labels in the platform (or not), but also to make it accessible to your fans.  Copy the track link we provide to every uploaded ...