How do I set up my Click (Public Profile Page)?

How do I set up my Click (Public Profile Page)?

Find your Click edit mode at the bottom of each page:

Share your latest news, add all your links or customize the background:

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    • Set up your Click

      Once you’ve registered, go to the Click editor at the bottom left corner of your Inbox in desktop. To access via app, click on your profile picture in mobile: From the editor you can: Choose the background. We give you 3 options to choose from: ...
    • What is Click?

      Every registered user gets a short link that works as a public profile. This profile page is what we call Click, a promotional link page with audio drop capabilities in which you can promote any sort of content in the form of links and receive music ...
    • I can’t edit my Click (Public Profile Page)

      Due to our security protocols, in some occasions, you may have to log out and log back in in order to enter the edit mode. Deleting cookies or clearing cache occasionally also helps to keep your sessions stable. 
    • Is my account public?

      Your Hello Demo account is private, no one can see the music you upload or manage until you decide to send it.  ​ Nevertheless, that is why you have Click- your promotional public link-in-bio page, where you can share links to your latest releases, ...
    • Can I edit and reorganise my links in Click?

      Yes, prioritising your links is important as your content keeps changing in importance.  You can also change the avatar automatically populated by the url and even edit the name of the link. Keep track of the number of clicks each of your links ...