Common Issues Candidates Face

Common Issues Candidates Face

Your computer is in 'S' Mode or is a Chromebook - these types of computers look like your average laptop, but function slightly different. If you attempt to download the edexams app and receive the message below, this means your computer's processing system is not compatible with our software. 

You have logged into the edexams app, but your webcam is not working - If you have logged into the edexams app, and see the image below this means you have not completed the check status steps. Click BACK TO LOG IN and click the green check status button, follow the steps through and then log back into the app. The app will now have access to your webcam and you will be able to start your exam. 

You have logged into the edexams app and your webcam and screen say Failed - if you are trying to start your exam and you see the image below, something is stopping your computer from connecting to our servers. This could be down to a number of issues such as:

               - Your WIF connection is too slow or the security settings within your WIFI are blocking our app from streaming.
               - The security settings within your computer or your anti-virus software is blocking our app from streaming. 
               - If you are using a computer supplied by your workplace, certain admin restrictions may block our app completely.  

Your screen has changed to a blank white page whilst sitting your exam - this means that your WIFI connection has dropped during your exam. You would need to press ctrl, alt & delete on your keyboard and sign out of your PC to close the app. If this happens we recommend that you find an alternative WIFI source to complete your exam. 

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