My subscription is not updating

My subscription is not updating

We are working with FastSpring to handle your payments and subscriptions.
Usually after your payment has been processed successfully it only takes a few minutes to update your account.  Once your have received your payment confirmation mail, your account should already reflect your new premium status.

In some cases (for example when the email you have provided during checkout does not match your DGNFOG account email) the webhook does not get delivered.

Update your account manually

To trigger a status update on your account status, please log into DUNGEONFOG and go to your account management (profile picture > "Manage Account").

Opening the account management will automatically request and update on your current payment status and will provide you with additional options in case your OrderID could not be associated with your account automatically.

To manually apply your OrderID please copy the OrderID that was provided in your payment confirmation (Eg.: DUNGEONFOGKGXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX) into the texfield and press "Check":

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