Will you remind me when my subscription is about to expire?

Will you remind me when my subscription is about to expire?

Yes!  We will send an email reminder to both the teacher and finance points of contact up to seven days before your subscription is due to expire.

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    • My subscription isn’t due to expire for a while – can I renew early?

      Yes! We understand that making the most of your budget can involve a little hoop-jumping from time to time. If your subscription isn’t due to expire until the next financial year but you would like to use your current yearly budget to pay for your ...
    • I’ve purchased a subscription – how do I log in?

      Once you have placed your subscription order, you don’t need to do anything else. We will create a premium account for you and send you your login credentials via email as soon as possible. Although Craig ‘n’ Dave is growing in leaps and bounds ...
    • How much does your premium subscription cost?

      A 12-month subscription to our premium resources costs £149 plus VAT.
    • Is Smart Revise included in my premium subscription?

      Smart Revise is totally separate from our premium resources and, as such, access to Smart Revise is not included in our 12-month premium subscription.We have a dedicated section on our help centre with articles to answer most of your questions about ...
    • What does your 12-month premium subscription include?

      It may sound too good to be true for the price, but our subscription really does include everything you need to teach the following Computer Science courses: OCR GCSE (J276/J277) AQA GCSE (8520/8525) EDEXCEL GCSE (1CP2) OCR AS/A Level (H406/H446) AQA ...