What can I do from the "Configure" class button?

What can I do from the "Configure" class button?

Every class you create in Smart Revise has its own class configuration screen.
Once you have selected a class press the "Configure" button on the right.

You can do various things from the class configuration screen:

  1. Change the name of the class
  2. Generate a new class code.
  3. Turn on / off the ability for students to join your class.
  4. Turn on / off the various Smart Revise revision modes for this class.
  5. Set the number of students you wish to see in the leaderboard (default to blank means all students will be visible)
  6. Toggle what references to resources you want to show when a question is answered.
  7. Control which topics your students can revise, or choose to give them full control over their topic filters.

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