We teach shared classes – can my colleague(s) view course materials as a student too?

We teach shared classes – can my colleague(s) view course materials as a student too?

Yes! If you are sharing a class and you want one or more colleagues to be able to view course materials as a student, contact us at admin@craigndave.co.uk.

In your email, let us know the number of vouchers you need and for which course(s). We will then allocate the required voucher codes to your account free of charge, which you can pass on to your colleague(s).

Teachers can redeem voucher codes by signing into their account, clicking the profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen, selecting Redeem voucher and typing the code into the dialog box that appears.

Once they have redeemed a voucher code, teachers can view course materials as a student by clicking Teacher mode and selecting Student mode from the drop-down menu.

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