How do I purchase Smart Revise for my class?

How do I purchase Smart Revise for my class?

Smart Revise orders are handled separately from our other resources and products. To order Smart Revise vouchers for your class:
  1. Sign up for a teacher account at and log in.
  2. Click “Add course.” Choose the appropriate course and repeat for all the courses required. Be careful to choose the correct series depending on the exam date.
  3. Click the course tile you added.
  4. Click “Buy revision packs.”
  5. Complete the online form. You can buy all the different courses at the same time by clicking “Add another item.”
  6. Before confirming, you’ll see an accurate quote on your screen. Please use this to obtain a purchase order number from your finance department if you are not paying by card.
Your vouchers will not be released immediately. We will review your order and note your purchase order number. We will then release the vouchers and send you an invoice. The vouchers will expire at the end of the course.

We have a dedicated section on our help centre with articles to answer most of your questions about how to get up and running with Smart Revise, please visit and bookmark it HERE.

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