How do I get students to join my class so I can track their progress?

How do I get students to join my class so I can track their progress?

First make sure you have:

  1. Added a new course from your available list
  2. Set up a new class

Students then need to have access to the course pack themselves.  

There are two ways they can gain access.

  1. Either they can purchase one privately
  2. You can purchase some revision course pack vouchers for your students and allocate them those vouchers.

The student can then simply select this course from their home screen and click "Join a class".

They should use the class code you set up for them in step 2 (E.G: YKBV61).

When a student adds themselves to your class you will be able to allocate a voucher to them.

If a Student has already purchased a voucher a message will show.  Vouchers can still be allocated if a voucher would give longer access than a student has paid for but you can now see which students have access via their own funding and which don't have access at all.

If you have multiple students in your class you can allocate vouchers to all of them by clicking the "Allocate all vouchers" button at the top right of the screen.

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