How do I buy revision course packs for my students?

How do I buy revision course packs for my students?

Start by selecting one of your available courses from inside your account.

Then choose "Buy course vouchers" from the top left menu

Then, input the required vouchers.

If you are looking to order more that 1 course you do NOT need to place separate orders.
Click the "Add another item"
Choose the course from the drop down and enter the required quantity.
Repeat this step as many time you need to.

Then, enter your Purchase Order number or your Credit/Debit card reference.

 We then need your finance department details so we can send the invoice over to them.

You will then be able to review your order details before submitting it.  Please check the details you have entered.

If you are paying by Purchase Order, submitting the order will pass it to us so we can send an invoice to your finance department.

If you are paying by card, enter your card details to pay for the order.  The order will then be instantly available in your account. 

Once you have purchased vouchers you will need to allocate them to your students.