KL1000 - Pre 2013 Vertical Installation Instructions

KL1000 - Pre 2013 Vertical Installation Instructions

Fitting Instructions

The Cabinet Lock can be fitted to:

  • Cupboards, cabinets and lockers etc as a direct replacement for existing cam locks.

  • It can also be easily fitted to cupboards and cabinets that do not have an existing locking device.



Special Notes

  • Before installing the lock, load the batteries and familiarise yourself with the operation and programming.

  • The handle will not turn until you enter the factory default Master Code: 11 33 55 77 OR the User Code 22 44.

  • Please see programming guide to set your own codes.


Installation Guide

  • Replacing existing cam lock with the Cabinet Lock

    1. Remove existing cam lock.

    2. Place template over hole left by cam lock and mark upper fixing hole.

    3. Drill the 6mm (1⁄4″) upper fixing hole.

    4. Fit the Cabinet Lock to the door by passing the spindle through the 16mm (5⁄6″) hole.

    5. If required, from the inside of the door, pass either of the packing piece over the spindle to centralise the lock.

    6. Now secure the lock by threading the large nut onto the spindle.

    7. Fit one of the upper fixing bolts to suit your door thickness.

    8. Tighten the lower fixing nut and upper bolt.

    9. Select the cam which suits your door and frame and attach it to the square shaft at the end of the spindle.

    10. Now check the operation of the lock using the factory User Code 22 44.

    11. If the lock is functioning correctly, CHANGE THE DEFAULT MASTER CODE 11 33 55 77 and DEFAULT USER CODE 22 44 and program the lock using the programming and operating instructions enclosed.


  • New Installation

    1. Place template on door and mark upper 6mm (1⁄4") hole and lower 16mm (5⁄8″) hole.

      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Before drilling fixing holes, please ensure that the position of the cabinet lock when fitted will allow enough clearance for selected cam to work.

    2. Drill both fixing holes.

    3. Continue installation from step 4 to 11, above.



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