CL5010AT - Understanding the Audit Trail

CL5010AT - Understanding the Audit Trail



You'll find below an overview for each the the collumns shown when viewing the Audit Trail.



  1.       Index – The audit trail’s entry number

  2.       Details – The user’s details (entered in the User ID settings page)

  3.       Date/Day/Time – When this entry occurred

  4.       Code entered – The code that was input into the lock

  5.       User ID – The user’s individual number, this can be found in the User ID settings page

  6.       Status – This will show either O/L (Open then locked), L/O (Locked then opened), L/L (Locked, still locked) or N/A (Not applicable aka no change).

  7.       Information – This is a description of the event


When you select an audit trail entry the information bar at the top of the page will update to that entries break down.


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