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            NGW-1 Compatibility

            The Actisense NGW-1 is a great device for converting NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 (and vice versa).

            The NGW-1 Conversion Lists below detail all of the conversions that can be performed by the NGW-1 and just as importantly those that cannot.

            Notice there are two conversion lists, one for the standard firmware, and one for the AIS firmware.  The first one shown is for the standard version of NGW-1 firmware.

            Note: Due to the continuing expansion of NMEA 2000 as manufacturers add new features to their products, it is not always possible to create a conversion as an NMEA 0183 equivalent doesn’t always exist.

            In the latest version of NMEA 0183 released in June 2012, there are 148 sentences with between 550 & 570 data fields.  In total contrast, in the latest version of NMEA 2000 released in February 2015, there are 163 PGN messages and 1569 data fields.

            This link provides a downloadable PDF for the standard NGW-1 Conversion List:

            This link provides a downloadable PDF for the AIS version of the NGW-1 Conversion List:

            There are options available that ship with the standard firmware or the AIS.  If you ever need to change the firmware in your NGW-1 from the standard version to AIS or vice versa, please refer to this article.

            Details of where you can buy Actisense products can be found at our 'Where to Buy' page.
            Updated: 22 Oct 2018 12:25 PM
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