NGT-1 Software Compatibility

NGT-1 Third-Party Software Compatibility

The Software Development Kit (SDK) that developers use to make the NGT-1 compatible with their software has been issued to over 200 developers. This makes keeping an accurate and up to date compatibility list a very difficult task. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your software developer directly to ask them if they support the NGT-1.

To the best of our knowledge, the following third-party software applications support the NGT-1 with firmware version 2.210 installed.

Compatible Software
Avia Sail
Avia Motor
Coastal Explorer 2009
Coastal Explorer 2011
MaxSea TimeZero
Nobeltec Admiral 11
Nobeltec VNS 11
Nobeltec TimeZero Odyssey
Nobeltec TimeZero Trident
Smart Skipper
Nema Studio
SailSoft, Netherlands

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